McPherson Cleaners 
Lebanon 615-444-3873
Nashville 615-226-2606
Professional Dry-Cleaning
Professional Shirt Laundry
Comforter/Bed Spread
Wedding Gown
Suede & Leather 
Flood & Smoke Damage
Wash & Fold 

Free Pick-up/Delivery
Curb Service
(pull up and honk)
Over the years we have mastered many techniques in the dry-cleaning industry and we proudly offer all of these services to you.
Our dry-cleaning is the best in town along with our shirt laundry that will keep you looking sharp and ready for business.
We clean comforters, drapes, pillow covers, mattress covers as well.
We can restore garments which have been damaged in floods or fires back to normal with astounding results.
We also do simple wash and fold laundry bundle service by the pound as well as alterations. And if you'd like curb service just pull up and honk your horn and someone will come to your car and take care of you.

In addition to the many ways we can handle and care for your garments we also offer at absolutely no cost to you a free pick up and delivery service that runs twice a week. It will save you time and allows us to go out of our way to show how much we care about the business we do and that we know how valuable your time is.